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We are an environmentally friendly company. Giving the world a hand any way we can. 



foglia ts is where fun becomes an expression of wearable art. The company started off when sketches of lazy afternoons took shape and participated in a vision of alternative ts. foglia ts express a language of naive simplicity, yet rich in color and humor, never compromising quality, fit and feel. 


Sebastián Foglia (founder/creator) besides music found another way of expression through these unique drawings, which became the first ts, and as in a jamming session he invited artists to join in the creative fun. 

These are Indie times, times for the free spirited, were fresh ideas hold a promise of becoming a reality. Our  ts are limited edition, each with their own title, dynamic, never boring and always welcoming artist for the next edition. 


Our plan for the future as we grow as a company is to assume an active roll with contributions directed to the environment and our planet.


Please help us get there!!!! 

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